EPC 2016 | 30 March–2 April


All daytime sessions within the Old Arts Building on Melbourne University campus.
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Day 1
30 Mar 2016
Day 2
31 Mar 2016
Day 3
01 Apr 2016
Day 4
02 Apr 2016

Conference check in & registration

Join us at the Old Arts Building to collect your Conference Pack. Registrations allowed on day.

DAY 1 – Early Career Researcher (ECR) Workshop

12:30–1:55pm  PhD and the Transition to Post-Doc 12:30–12:40pm Welcome 12:40–1:15pm Finishing the PhD: A panel of researchers who have recently completed their PhD will share their tips and experiences for...
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Day 1 – Forum Meeting

Selective Attention and Individual Differences in Motivation and Emotion Determining the time course of training change in an approach bias modification task  Naomi Kakoschke, Flinders University Attention bias and the...
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Welcome reception

Join us for drinks and nibbles.

Day 2 – STREAM A // Faces & Social Interaction

Chair: TBA 9:00–9:20am     Danielle Sulikowski, Two ways to be asymmetrical: facial laterality versus fluctuating asymmetry 9:20–9:40am     Daniel Carragher, Nicole Thomas, Owen Churches, & Michael Nicholls, Face typicality and...
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Day 2 – STREAM B // Preference & Decisions

Chair: TBA 9:00–9:20am     Maya Brydevall, Daniel Bennett, Carsten Murawski & Stefan Bode, Electrophysiological indices reflect intrinsic valuation of information in decision making under uncertainty 9:20–9:40am     Katharina Voigt, Carsten Murawski...
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Day 2 – STREAM C // Music

9:00–9:20am     Jia Hoong Ong, Denis Burnham & Catherine Stevens, Lexical tones and musical pitch: Speech-to-music transfer after distributional learning 9:20–9:40am     Anna Fiveash, Genevieve McArthur & William...
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11:00 am - 11:20 am


Day 2 – STREAM C // Language: Priming

Chair: TBA 11:20–11:40am Sachiko Kinoshita, Reading pseudowords is more than grapheme-phoneme mapping: Distractor pronounceability and onset match effects in the Stroop task 11:40–12:00pm Jennifer Burt & Julie Porter, Repetition blindness...
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Day 2 – STREAM A // Faces: Gaze & EEG

Chair: TBA 11:20–11:40am  Tarryn Balsdon & Colin Clifford, Dissociating detection and identification of offset gaze 11:40–12:00pm  Larson Landes, Piers Howe & Yoshihisa Kashima, The Effect of Emotional Gaze Cues on...
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Day 2 – Stream B // Category Learning

Chair: TBA 11:20–11:40am  Robert de Lisle, Daniel Little & Yoshi Kashima, Knowledge partitioning in person-perception 11:40–12:00pm  Sarah Moneer & Daniel Little, The Effect of Feature-to-Feature Distance on the Processing of...
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1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Day 2 – Lunch

Day 2 – Poster session

Hannah A. Razak, Jeneva Ohan, Carmen Lawrence & Troy A.W. Visser – The effect of stigma towards individuals with mental health disorders on social perception Sarah J. Fleming, Oriane Landry,...
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3:20 pm - 3:40 pm

Day 2 – Afternoon tea

Day 2 – STREAM A // Emotion

Chair: TBA 4:20–4:40pm  Kylie Campling & Frances Martin, Paying attention to smart phone addiction 4:40–5:00pm  Gina Grimshaw, Laura Kranz, Justin Murphy & Rosie Moody, Cognitive Control of Emotional Distraction 5:00–5:20pm...
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Day 2 – STREAM B // Expertise

Chair: TBA 4:20–4:40pm  Marcellin Martinie, Piers Howe & Tom Wilkening, Optimising the aggregated probability forecasts of an expert subgroup 4:40–5:00pm  Rachel Searston & Jason Tangen, Perceptual expertise is flexible to...
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Day 2 – STREAM C // Language: Eye Movements

Chair: TBA 4:20–4:40pm  Anne Castles, Signy Wegener, Hua-Chen Wang, Peter de Lissa & Kate Nation, Orthographic learning commences before written words are seen: Evidence from eye movements 4:40–5:00pm  Sally Andrews...
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Students & ECR Evening

Drinks and finger food at The Astor, a friendly pub close to the Uni. Come along – straight after the last session of the day.

Day 3, STREAM A // Attention & Awareness

Chair: TBA 8:40-9:00am  Alex Holcombe, Paolo Martini, Michael Barnett-Cowan, Irina Harris, Evan Livesey & Patrick Goodbourn, Reconsidering temporal selection in the attentional blink 9:00–9:20am   Stephanie Goodhew, Rebecca Lawrence &...
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Day 3 – STREAM B // Learning

Chair: TBA 8:40-9:00am  Don & Evan Livesey, Test measures influence sensitivity to causal structure in cue-competition effects 9:00–9:20am   Evan Livesey, Hilary Don & Micah Goldwater, Rule-abstraction and feature-based learning...
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Day 3 – STREAM C // Language: Development, Learning and Bilingual

Chair: TBA 8:40-9:00am  Sonya Karisma Prasad, Jeesun Kim & Chris Davis, Matching Cantonese auditory and visual linguistic prosody: how do native English perceivers go? 9:00–9:20am  Marcus Taft & Michael Dumbrell...
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11:00 am-11:20 am


Day 3 – STREAM A // Lateralisation and Models of Vision

Chair: TBA 11:20–11:40am  Ancret Szpak, Nicole Thomas & Michael Nicholls, Investigating cerebral asymmetries for perceived depth 11:40am–12:00pm  Owen Churches, Nicole Thomas, Ian White, Yann Schrag, Christine Mohr & Michael Nicholls, The...
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Day 3 – STREAM B // Categorisation Models

Chair: TBA 11:20–11:40am  Micah Goldwater, Tyler Davis & Josue Giron, Dissociating processes of comparison and decision-making in the prefrontal cortex with computational models of categorisation 11:40am–12:00pm  Steven Langsford, Lauren Kennedey,...
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Day 3 – STREAM C // Audition

Chair: TBA 11:20–11:40am  John Cass & Tarryn Baldson, Effect of audio-visual source misalignment on auditory timing performance 11:40am–12:00pm  Vincent Aubanel, Jeesun Kim & Chris Davis, Exploring the role of periodicity...
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1:00 pm-2:00 pm

Day 3 – LUNCH

Day 3 – STREAM A // Advanced Methods

Chair: TBA 2:00–2:20pm  Talitha Ford & David Crewther, GABA level abnormality may mark the similar social disorganisation phenotype in autistic and schizotypal personality traits 2:20–2:40pm  Noam Gordon, Roger Koenig-Robert, Naotsugu...
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Day 3 – STREAM B // Memory

Chair: TBA 2:00–2:20pm   Jasmina Vrankovic, Veronika Coltheart & Nicholas Badcock, Rapid Access to Visual and Semantic Representations in Iconic Memory 2:20–2:40pm  Matthew Knight & Michael Tlauka, Interactivity in map...
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Day 3 – STREAM C // Facial Speech

Chair: TBA 2:00–2:20pm   Daniel Hochstrasser, Jeesun Kim & Chris Davis, Is visual speech special? 2:20–2:40pm  Simone Simonetti, Jeesun Kim & Chris Davis, Gaze patterns when identifying visual prosody 2:40–3:00pm...
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3:20 pm - 3:40 pm


Day 3 – STREAM A // Motion

Chair: TBA 3:40–4:00pm   Erin Goddard, Samuel Solomon & Thomas Carlson, Dynamics of population codes in primate area MT 4:00–4:20pm  David Badcock, Lydia Pek Liwei & J. Edwin Dickinson, Discriminating...
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Day 3 – STREAM B // Risk

Chair: TBA 3:40–4:00pm   Don van Ravenzwaaij, Emmanouil Konstantinidis, Şule Güney & Benjamin Newell, Examining Choices of the Risky Future: A Cognitive Modelling Approach 4:00–4:20pm  Ashley Luckman, Chris Donkin &...
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Day 3 – STREAM C // Food

Chair: TBA 3:40–4:00pm   Enrique Mergelsberg, Barbara Mullan, Vanessa Allom, Ottmar Lipp & Monique Alblas, Healthy or tasty? Differences in automatic tendency to approach or avoid food stimuli between very...
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Plenary lecture – Professor Mike Nicholls

Are we missing something? Putting the ‘social’ into experimental psychology To remove the influence of extraneous variables, experimental psychologists have typically carried out their research on individuals in small, dark...
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Professor Mike Nicholls

Day 4 – STREAM A // Motor Function

Chair: TBA 9:00–9:20am   Justin Harris, Belinda Kirley, Marius Mather, Daniel Forrest & Evan Livesey, Using TMS to study motor preparation 9:20–9:40am   Bronson Harry, Carla Pinto & Peter Keller, The...
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Day 4 – STREAM B // Memory Models

Chair: TBA 9:00–9:20am   David Sewell, Simon Lilburn & Philip Smith, The focus of attention in working memory: Three sources of response time costs 9:20–9:40am  Robert Taylor, Hana Thomson, David...
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Day 4 – STREAM C // Fear & Loathing

Chair: TBA 9:00–9:20am   Ottmar Lipp, Hannah Jensen-Fielding & Camilla Luck, Unconditional Stimulus Revaluation in Human Evaluative Conditioning 9:20–9:40am  Anders Flykt, Tanja Bänziger & Sofie Lindeberg, Intensity of vocal responses...
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11:00 am - 11:20 am


Day 4 – STREAM A // Surfaces

Chair: TBA 11:20–11:40am  Stephen Palmisano, Harold Hill & Robert Allison, The nature and timing of pseudoscopic experiences of outdoor scenes 11:40am–12:00pm   Phillip Marlow, Juno Kim & Barton Anderson, Coupled...
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Day 4 – STREAM B // Problem Solving

Chair: TBA 11:20–11:40am  Carsten Murawski & Peter Bossaerts, How humans solve complex problems: The case of the knapsack problem 11:40am–12:00pm   Valance Yanxin Wang & Dan Navarro, General-purpose subgoal in...
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Day 4 – STREAM C // Reading: Development

Chair: TBA 11:20–11:40am  Drieghe, Sana Bouamama, Ehab Hermena & Simon Liversedge, Age of acquisition effects in Arabic reading 11:40am–12:00pm   Marina Kalashnikova & Denis Burnham, Paired associate learning in children...
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1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Day 4 – LUNCH

Day 4 – STREAM A // Early Visual Processes

Chair: TBA 2:00–2:20pm  Piers Howe & John Maguire, Detecting meaning in rapid serial visual presentation sequences 2:20–2:40pm   Bao Nguyen, Josephine Battista, Michael Ibbotson & Allison McKendrick, Perceptual surround suppression...
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Day 4 – STREAM B // Bayes

Chair: TBA 2:00–2:20pm  Dan Navarro, What’s a Bayesian good for? Exploring human inductive biases using probabilistic models 2:20–2:40pm   Chris Donkin, What’s a Bayesian bad for? Exploring bayesian decision rules...
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Day 4 – STREAM C // Face Categorisation

Chair: TBA 2:00–2:20pm Kate Crookes & Gillian Rhodes, Poor recognition of other-race faces cannot be explained by a lack of motivation 2:20–2:40pm  David White, Emma Finch & Richard Kemp, Matching...
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3:20 pm - 3:40 pm


Conference dinner

Buses will leave the from the Grattan Street exit from the main campus, near University Square (see the map on twitter) at 5.45pm sharp. Please do not be late. The...
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