EPC 2016 | 30 March–2 April

Day 2 – STREAM A // Faces: Gaze & EEG

31 Mar 2016
11:20 am - 1:00 pm
Theatre C

Day 2 – STREAM A // Faces: Gaze & EEG

Chair: TBA

11:20–11:40am  Tarryn Balsdon & Colin Clifford, Dissociating detection and identification of offset gaze

11:40–12:00pm  Larson Landes, Piers Howe & Yoshihisa Kashima, The Effect of Emotional Gaze Cues on Evaluations of Objects and Other People

12:00–12:20pm Carmen Atkinson, Ottmar Lipp & Frances Martin, Female Caucasian faces elicit the happy face advantage

12:20–12:40pm  Daniel Feuerriegel, Scott Coussens, Owen Churches & Hannah Keage, Separating effects of stimulus expectation and stimulus repetition: An event-related potential study

12:40–1:00pm  Genevieve Quek & Bruno Rossion, Indexing visual categorization with fast periodic visual stimulation (FPVS): Category-specific responses are not driven by temporal predictability