EPC 2016 | 30 March–2 April

Day 3, STREAM A // Attention & Awareness

01 Apr 2016
8:40 am - 11:00 am
Theatre C

Day 3, STREAM A // Attention & Awareness

Chair: TBA

8:40-9:00am  Alex Holcombe, Paolo Martini, Michael Barnett-Cowan, Irina Harris, Evan Livesey & Patrick Goodbourn, Reconsidering temporal selection in the attentional blink

9:00–9:20am   Stephanie Goodhew, Rebecca Lawrence & Mark Edwards, Refuting the zoom-lens model: A focal attentional spotlight improves the perception of fine but not coarse spatial information

9:20–9:40am   Deborah Apthorp, Lucienne Shenfield & Vanessa Beanland, Sleep restriction reduces central alpha power: Differential effects on attentional tasks

9:40–10:00am Joyce Vromen, Stefanie Becker, Roger Remington & Jason Mattingley, Distinct frontoparietal contributions to goal maintenance and goal-directed orienting in visual search

10:00–10:20am Olivia Carter, Josef Stoll, Camille Chatelle, Steven Laureys & Wolfgang Einhäuser Pupil dilation as an index of decision-making and consciousness in healthy and non-responsive patients

10:20–10:40am  Shuai Chang & Joel Pearson, Perceptual expertise is flexible to changes in task but not changes in class

10:40–11:00am  David Carmel, Learning to become aware: Practice promotes a generalised ability to overcome visual suppression