EPC 2016 | 30 March–2 April

Day 3 – STREAM B // Categorisation Models

01 Apr 2016
11:20 am - 1:00 pm
Theatre D

Day 3 – STREAM B // Categorisation Models

Chair: TBA

11:20–11:40am  Micah Goldwater, Tyler Davis & Josue Giron, Dissociating processes of comparison and decision-making in the prefrontal cortex with computational models of categorisation

11:40am–12:00pm  Steven Langsford, Lauren Kennedey, Andrew Hendrickson, Daniel Navarro & Amy Perfors, Is grammaticality graded? A quantitative model for evaluating sentence acceptability

12:00–12:20pm  Annie Blunden, Daniel Little & Piers Howe, Decision making with multiple same-feature luminance stimuli: A pre-accumulator inhibitory parallel model account

12:20–12:40pm  Andrew Heathcote & Yi-Shin Lin, The selective influence of response bias: Target-proportion manipulations do not change the evidence used to make perceptual, lexical or recognition-memory decisions

12:40–1:00pm  Daniel Little, Tony Wang & Robert Nosofsky, Recency effects and response times in perceptual categorization: Comparing exemplar and rule-based accounts in a modified Garner task