EPC 2016 | 30 March–2 April

Day 3 – STREAM B // Memory

01 Apr 2016
2:00 pm-3:20 pm
Theatre D

Day 3 – STREAM B // Memory

Chair: TBA

2:00–2:20pm   Jasmina Vrankovic, Veronika Coltheart & Nicholas Badcock, Rapid Access to Visual and Semantic Representations in Iconic Memory

2:20–2:40pm  Matthew Knight & Michael Tlauka, Interactivity in map learning: The effect of cognitive load

2:40–3:00pm  Vanessa Bowden, Shayne Loft & Troy Visser, The influence of prospective memory on speeding after an interruption

3:00–3:20pm  Simon Dennis, Vishnu Sreekumar & Nathan Evans, Using an experience sampling approach to distinguish distance versus location based strategies in memory for when