EPC 2016 | 30 March–2 April

Day 4 – STREAM C // Face Categorisation

02 Apr 2016
2:00 pm-3:20 pm
Theatre B

Day 4 – STREAM C // Face Categorisation

Chair: TBA

2:00–2:20pm Kate Crookes & Gillian Rhodes, Poor recognition of other-race faces cannot be explained by a lack of motivation

2:20–2:40pm  David White, Emma Finch & Richard Kemp, Matching faces all day long: Feedback interacts with intrinsic motivation to improve detection of rare targets

2:40–3:00pm  Emma Axelsson, Chloe Kelly & Ann Plummer, Infants’ fixations to heads, bodies, and inanimate objects

3:00–3:20pm  Liquan Liu, Christina Quattropani, Rachel Robbins & Paola Escudero, Objects or faces? Gender-related preferences by 6- to 20-month-old infants